Our vision serves as a guide for every aspect of our company by describing what we need to accomplish in order to continue achieving sustainable, quality growth.

We will increase the value of our company and our global portfolio by surpassing our client’s expectations and achieving market leadership and operating excellence through continuous development driven by cooperation, integrity, and innovation.

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Kadrovski potencijal

Kadrovski potencijal preduzeća čini 45 stalno zaposlenih, od čega 12 diplomiranih elektro i mašinskih inženjera.
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Politika kvaliteta

Misija - Pružajući kvalitetne usluge u oblasti projektovanja i izvođenja radova obezbediti ugled pouzdanog
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ISO 9001:2000

Dana 22.2.2010., firma "PRIMAR CO d.o.o." je dobila sertifikat kojim se potvrđuje da je sistem menadžmena kvalitetom uspostavljen i da se primenjuje u saglasnosti sa standardom za sisteme menadžmenta kvalitetom ISO 9001 koji se odnosi na celu organizaciju.
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Our Service



Elektroenergetske instalacije


Elektroinstalacije slabe struje


Mašinske instalacije

About PrimarCo

Preduzeće “Primar Co” je privatno preduzeće, osnovano 29.01.1993. god. sa sedištem u ul. Cara Dušana br. 266Đ, Zemun-Beograd, gde poseduje sopstveni poslovni prostor 3000 m2.

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The PrimarCo team warrants that always carefully selected individuals and firms, all specialized in different areas of technical consulting services join forces in order to truly offer consulting services in a cost-efficient and timely manner.

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How We Work

PrimarCo commits to solutions which benefit our clients, undertaking the responsibility to successfully manage our in-house and associate resources in order to carry out technical consulting tasks required while rendering quality and prompt services in a fair, cost efficient, and fully transparent manner.

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We Offer Proffesional Consultation

For All Your Engineering, Manufacturing & Industrial Product Showcase